To pour the wine correctly... attention to the style and don’t dirty!

It is necessary to follow some recommendations to pour the wine in correct way.
Place near the neck of the bottle to the glass without leaning on the same, let the wine to flow without  bubbles.
Watch out to the last drop! It must fall in the glass, not on the table! To avoid that this happens, rotate slightly  the bottle and pick it up again at the same time.
Fill the glass only for two thirds for white and rosé wines, while for the “big” red wines, in round bottomed glasses, pour it up to one third.

White wines to be chilled quickly? No problem!

To bring to the correct temperature of service – from 4˚ to 14˚- a white wine, it can be left some hours in the refrigerator, taking care however to not forget the bottle for many days.
In the case of unexpected guests we can cool the wine by submerging it for half an hour in a bucket filled with ice water and salt. The salt, in fact, favours the breakup of the ice and as a result wine cools faster.

To each his own…

In every tasting, but also in house the choice of the most proper glass is a very important factor because the correct wine glass allows to appreciate to the best all the tones of the wine. Are preferable, because they allow to gather the thin tones of colour and aromas:

  • Glasses of thin crystal or a glass the least heavy possible
  • glasses endowed with a stem, not only elegant but useful in order that the contact with the hand doesn’t heat the wine served cold and doesn’t transmit possible extraneous odours.

Are to discard:

  • coloured glasses
  • glasses with more or less precious decorations and faceting
  • silver glasses or of other metallic material.