Preservation of the left over wine

Preservation of the left over wine

Do you know how to preserve the left over wine?

How many times have you opened a bottle of wine but you are not able to ending it? Never fear! If wine is good we can adopt some techniques that lengthen the shelf-life (of some days) of an opened wine bottle.

First of all you need to keep closed the bottle  in order to slow down the processes of oxidation caused by the presence of air. You can use some corks hermetic such as the muselets, or some innovative corks, with a small pump which allow to eliminate the air  from inside and to re-establish almost, the same initial conditions.

It is not recommended to use the old cork, because it could surrender cork fragments in the wine.
White and rosé wines must be preserved in the refrigerator, while red wines red in a fresh place  sheltered from the light and from sources of heat.

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