The correct sequence for the tasting

The correct sequence for the tasting

Combine the right wine with the diverse dishes of a lunch that includes fish and meat dishes, cheeses and desserts, is not impossible!

We just have to follow some simple instructions.

  1. In the case of multiple tastings it is advisable to not fill the glass but make only small tastings and, obviously, to be able to stop in time just before that undesirable effects prevail.
  2. Proceed in the tastings from the lightest to the most important wine, in other words start from a classic method sparkling wine to pass to light white wines, then to medium bodies whites, to red young drinkable, to reach the important red wines long term aged and leave at last the sweet and liquor wines.
  3. Never proceed at random, starting from a red wine to pass then to a light white to avoid to stressing our taste buds.

Small tips for a better and better culture of good drink!

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