Unico Senator – IGP Calabria Red 2012

Unico Senator – IGP Calabria Red 2012


The year is Unique. Merlot grapes are Unique, selected in our vineyards, overripened on the plant and harvested by hand with a high sugar concentration. A vinification in respect of tradition, a refinement before in barriques then in steel make it a wine “UNICO”: a definite color, rich aromas ranging from ripe fruit to spicy, a full-flavored with a sweet aftertaste well compensated by a good acidity.

It’s ideal as an “accompany” wine, it goes very well with aged cheeses, meats seasoned with sweet and sour sauces
and dark chocolate. It should be oxygenated before tasting. Serve at a temperature of 16-21 °C.


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