A Family History

In the heart of splendid Calabria, in the land of the “oldest wine in the world”, Cirò Marina, a family passionate about viticulturefor generations. The story of Senatore Vini begins at the beginning of the century, when the great-great-grandfather, Giuseppe Sculco and subsequently the great-great-grandfather Francesco Senatore, with their modest cellar located in “Corfù Vecchiu,” they ventured into the world of wine. In the 1930s, when the region was still recovering from the difficulties of the time, the great-grandfather Antonio he courageously decided to give impetus to the company by planting new vineyards, laying the foundations for what today represents the green heart of the family winemaking tradition.


Producing wines is culture.


A wine “UNICO”, for reading, meditation, companionship and intimacy... Produced from grapes selected in our vineyards, overripened on the plant and collected by hand with a high sugar concentration. A vinification in respect of tradition and a refinement before in barriques and then in steel, make it a wine “UNICO”.


It contains the symposium between an autochthonous grape variety, the white Greco, and a Nordic allochthonous grape, the Traminer. The grapes are collected rigorously by hand and organically grown with a reduced yield per plant in our vineyards. A soft color wine, fresh and fruity, with light flower scents.


Calabrian of origin since a very remote time. Obtained from Calabrian Nerello grapes grown with reduced yield per plant in our vineyards. The accurate vinification and the careful refinement in barriques make it an elegant wine, a deep ruby color and spicy and floral aromas. The flavor is full, velvety and persistent.


Obtained from organic Gaglioppo grapes, grown with reduced production per vine in our vineyards in Cirò. The selection and harvesting strictly by hand, followed by careful vinification, make it a fine wine. “Petal pink” colour, intense and floral aroma, full, warm, soft and persistent flavour.

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