A Family History

A Family History

It was the 1900s when the extraordinary story of Senatore Vini began. Great-great-grandfather Giuseppe Sculco, the visionary who opened the doors of the modest cellar of “Corfù Vecchiu”, and later great-great-grandfather Francesco Senatore, ventured into the world of wine with a dream in their hearts.

The 1930s brought challenges and opportunities as the region sought to recover. It was the great-grandfather Antonio who carried out a courageous act, planting new vineyards and laying the foundations of what is today the green heart of our family wine-growing tradition.

With tenacity and dedication, Antonio worked tirelessly to increase the quality of the grapes and the reputation of Senatore Vini. In the 1940s, Antonio and his brother Raffaele, united by the same passion for wine, decided to take a bold step. Together, they built an ancient stone cellar in the picturesque location of “Corfu Novu.” This cellar would have represented the main headquarters of the business for about half a century. With a commercial and storage volume of around two thousand hectoliters per year, the cellar was the beating heart of the company.

Subsequent generations have continued to cultivate the family legacy with dedication.
When his father Antonio expressed his desire to continue the work of past generations, the entire Senatore family reunited, united by a single goal.

While Giuseppe and Franco were destined to carry on the family legacy, growing up among the vines, learning the art of viticulture from an early age, cultivating the grapes with care and passion, becoming the link between the past and the present, custodians of the traditions of family, Raffaele and Salvatore, despite having become medical specialists, did not forget their roots but rather began to plan a new wine complex in the picturesque location of “San Lorenzo” in Ciró Marina. It was an opportunity to modernize the company while preserving its authenticity and traditional character.

The four brothers, refining winemaking techniques and modernizing the company, simultaneously maintained respect for tradition and for the land that has nourished their vineyards for so long.

The new generation emerged with enthusiasm and passion for viticulture: the three Antonio, Emilio and Vito became an integral part of the company, bringing new blood and new ideas.

Today, these five young people represent the today and tomorrow of the company, a perfect synthesis between tradition and innovation, between past and future.

A testimony of the love for the land, the passion for wine and perseverance through the generations, continuing to write, generation after generation, with the same dedication and passion that has made her an authentic legend in Calabrian viticulture.


Francesco Senatore

Great-great-grandfather Francesco Senatore begins to give life to the adventure in the world of wine, with the modest cellar in "Corfù Vecchiu"


Antonio Senatore

Great-grandfather Antonio Senatore, despite the difficulties of the historical period, gave impetus to the company by planting new vineyards which still represent the heart of our viticultural tradition today.


Fratelli Senatore

The Senatore Brothers (Giuseppe, Raffaele, Franco and Salvatore) continue to be custodians of the family traditions, expanding with the new wine complex in the picturesque location of "San Lorenzo" in Ciró Marina.


4 Generazioni

The new generation in the three Antonio, Emilio and Vito has brought new life and new ideas to a company that has been active for 4 generations.

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Our Vineyards

In the heart of Cirò, between the hills kissed by the sun and the sea breezes that touch the vineyards, there is the place that embodies the essence of our winemaking tradition.

Senatore Vini’s heritage is a natural work of art, made up of 40 hectares of land, of which 30 are dedicated to the cultivation of vineyards. Every hectare is a fragment of history, a testimony of a deep bond between the family and the land. These vineyards are distributed in four large areas, all located in the DOP area, where the soil and microclimate create the ideal conditions for producing wines of extraordinary quality.

But what makes Senatore Vini truly special is their constant search for perfection. By collaborating with qualified university environments, the family receives constant scientific advice. This combination of tradition and innovation has led to the production of DOP and IGP wines which are true oenological jewels, capable of telling the story and beauty of Cirò in every sip.

The harmony between man and nature is at the center of everything we do: sustainability is a fundamental part of our commitment, because only in this way can we guarantee that future generations can enjoy the same beauty and fertility of our territory.

We celebrate the beauty of the territory and man’s ability to preserve and enhance what nature offers with so much love.

In this magical place, wine is an integral part of this thousand-year history, a cultural heritage, an art passed down from generation to generation. Numerous testimonies of this winemaking tradition date back to ancient times, with terracotta wine jars and production seals found in the “brettie farms” scattered throughout the area. Each bottle of Senatore Vini is a tribute to this rich history, a tribute to the beauty of Cirò Marina and the wine culture that has been passed down through the centuries.

Our commitment is to carry forward this cultural heritage, cultivating the vineyards with care and dedication, producing DOP and IGP wines that tell the story and beauty of our territory, while we look to the future.


The territory

Rooted in a land rich in history, Cirò Marina, a place that was the cradle of the Oenotrians and the Bretti, the ancient civilizations that have shaped this region since the times of Magna Graecia.

The ancient name of this land was Krimisa, a place that is lost in the meanders of the 7th and 8th centuries BC in an era of great deeds, heroes and legends. Among these, Philoctetes stood out, the mythological hero of the Odyssey who, returning from the long and epic Trojan War, performed a gesture that would leave his name in the history of this land. He consecrated the sacred arrows of Hercules in the majestic Temple of Apollo Alaios, a sanctuary that we can still admire today in the suggestive Punta Alice of Ciró Marina.