Pour the wine correctly… pay attention to style and don’t make a mess!

It is necessary to follow some recommendations to pour the wine correctly. Bring the neck of the bottle closer to the glass, without leaning on it, pour the wine so that it flows without gurgling. Watch out for the last drop! It must fall into the glass, not onto the table! To prevent this from happening, rotate the bottle slightly and lift it up at the same time.

White wines to chill quickly? No problem!

To bring a white wine to the right serving temperature – from six to 14 degrees – you can leave it for a few hours in the refrigerator, but be careful not to forget the bottle for many days. In the case of unexpected guests we can cool the wine by immersing it for half an hour in a bucket with water, ice and salt. Salt, in fact, favors the melting of ice and consequently the wine cools down faster.

To each his own…

In every tasting, but also at home, the choice of the most suitable glass is a very important factor, because the right glass allows you to better appreciate all the nuances of the wine. They are preferable, because they allow you to grasp the subtle nuances of color and aromas:

  • glasses made of thin crystal or glass as light as possible;
  • glasses equipped with a stem, not only elegant but useful to ensure that contact with the hand does not heat the wine served cold and does not transmit any foreign odors

They are to be discarded:

  • colored glasses;
  • glasses with more or less precious decorations and facets;
  • glasses made of silver or other metallic material.