The use of cold – how to preserve aromas

The use of low temperatures and therefore of cold is widespread especially during the harvest and crushing stages. The cold, in fact, naturally preserves the aromatic precursors contained in the grapes (on the skins). These are the ones that will later provide the characteristic aroma to the wine and prevent said precursors from being “burned” by spontaneous fermentations due to the heat.

“Wine is also made with grapes” is an old adage that is back in fashion when it comes to “constructed” wines. We refer to manufactured products, altered by chemicals that offer specific scents, but certainly not natural. Our company mission, on the other hand, is to avoid the use of similar substances (however legally permitted) and to focus on healthy production. We believe that we can equally meet the well-being of our consumers, so much so that we pride ourselves on being proud organic producers. This recognition has been possible over time thanks to the work of our General Manager Raffaele Senatore, a doctor by profession, who has imposed on us from the beginning the goal of producing excellent wines, but at the same time healthy.