The Yeld – produce less, earn more

Image The Yeld

If we consider what our objectives may be, those of the modern winemaker who never loses sight of tradition, we cannot stray far from the principles that have always accompanied us. Like that of the exaltation of our territory and attention to the constant search for quality. To make all this happen, one of the secrets of the trade, so to speak, is to lower “the yield”. That is, to produce fewer grapes than the capacity of the vines we have available, in favor of quality.

The concept seems counterintuitive but it is not. After all, it is a question of collecting less in practical terms, but earning more later, when the great quality of the wine produced will take advantage of our choice. In fact, the vine will never be exploited in terms of quantity, of yield. Its production capacity will never be exploited to the maximum. This is something that only those who generate the fruit in an artisanal way like us can do. In fact, from the very beginning, from the moment our vineyards were planted, we have structured ourselves to aim for this goal.

If a vine produces less, it will have the ability to transfer elegant aromas to the grapes, and therefore to our wines. Very complex and particular. With a limited production, but of absolute quality. An example is what we do with Traminer grapes, which are then used for our wines. Of the same, for each hectare, we produce only 40 quintals. The end result of all this? The final consumer will enjoy it above all, who will be able to appreciate for himself what our wine production represents for us. A production that looks to the future but, as mentioned, letting itself be guided by what have always been our great traditions of the past.