Free Wine Tours

In the months of June, July, August and September we will guide our guests inside our estate, in order to spread the culture of wine and good drinking. We will explain to them what are the phases that take place from the cultivation of the grapes in our Cirò Marina vineyards to the bottle on our tables, how to serve it, with which dishes, and what are the characteristics that are necessary for the production of successful wines, but also healthy, in fact since December 2017 we have been officially organic! At the end of each tour, there will be a tasting of a fine selection of our wines.

The event will last approximately two hours and is scheduled to start at 5:00 pm.

…but there is another beautiful possibility!

In fact, in partnership with the municipality of Cirò (City of Wine and Calendar), at the end of the wine tour in our Estate, there will be a guide made available by the Municipality who will accompany our guests for a short additional tour of about 1 hour near the charming medieval village of Cirò, where you can visit its beauties, such as the Piazza dei Musei, the Cannone Bastion and the Carafa Castle. For this additional and optional tour, the Municipality provides a small contribution of € 2 per person for the visit to the Luigi Lilio museum + € 1 for the visit to the Castle.

Do you want to spend an afternoon of good drinking? Sign up now!